It is very likely that there is no greater food for comfort than chocolate and, for good reason, dark chocolate not only offers health benefits, but chocolate is a familiar, versatile and soothing taste in general. From desserts to mole sauce and all in between, it lends itself to a variety of items. From chocolate ice cream to decadent chocolate cakes, its tantalizing taste has inspired many chefs. It’s good to know a little bit about everybody’s favorite pod before jumping into where the best chocolate can be found – and, yes, cacao grows as a pod-like fruit from trees.

Best Chocolate Producing Countries In The World


Everyone knows Swiss chocolate from the Lindt brand, and what are you waiting for those who haven’t tried one of these melt-in-your-mouth truffles? They are the most decadent of the decadent and, for a reason, have won their stellar reputation.

Truffles are not the only product that this company makes and their chocolate styles are unparalleled anything from white to milk and anything in between. In its manufacture of chocolate, Switzerland is highly innovative; because the cacao tree seldom grows outside of tropical climates, it is highly remarkable that this country has found a way to accomplish the impossible.


Although Belgium could say the world’s best chocolate, it’s actually Ecuador that claims the world’s best cacao beans. This is focused on what is referred to as the ‘Fine Aroma’ mark, which only 5% of the world has received. 63 percent of this cacao is provided by Ecuador, and the country has even started producing its own chocolate, which has received countless awards in recent years. Even its European competitors have defeated Paraci, a well-known Ecuadorian company, to grab the title of the best chocolate.


It is not shocking that Belgium made this list provided that there are more than 2,000 shops that cater for chocolate alone there. During the cooling process, the contrast between Belgium’s chocolate and the rest of the world exists. Belgium’s chocolate is cooled only at the very end, rather than cooling during the entire process, resulting in the deliciously warm, chocolatey smell that many know when walking into a chocolate shop. This does increase the price of chocolate, but for those who want something similar to perfection, it is well worth it.

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