Avocado is one of the healthiest fruits in this world. It is recommended for everyone, especially the elderly ones. The scientific name of Avocado is Persea Americana which is native to Mexico and Central America. This fruit is rich in monounsaturated fats and the only fruit in which the content of fats is comparatively higher. Just like how our youngsters need vitamins and minerals in order to develop, similarly our old grandparents need some utmost care too. Their body and health is as delicate as a baby’s, hence avocado is the best option to be involved in every old person’s diet.

Avocado is very healthy for your body functioning. It should be eaten everyday if possible. It is as healthy as an apple. This amazing fruit when involved in your daily diet will also help in weight loss and promotes healthy metabolism in the body. Avocado is best known for high nutrient value which helps in both body as well as hair development.

We must have come across our grandparents continuously complaining about their hairfall too. As people grow older, their hair become very weak and fragile which leads to increase in hairfall and scalp issues as well. Avocado is considered to be the best food for hair growth. It is the mightiest of all foods which will help in hair growth and also makes your scalp healthy.

 It is full of fatty acids and vitamins which will help in strengthening the hair from within and ultimately helps hair to grow in huge volumes. Moisturizing your hair is also important if you want to ensure hair health. Avocado helps in moisturizing and regenerating the damaged parts of your scalp and promotes healthy hair. Also, coconut oil has always been the best hair oil for making your hair strong. Vitamin E in coconut oil prevents further hair greying, breaking of hair and also provides enough oxygen to hair.

Now coming back to this fruit’s health benefits! Once you start eating an avocado on daily basis, it reduces the higher risks of cardiovascular diseases. Old people are very much prone to heart attacks and many such health issues. If you are in your late 50s and wish to maintain a healthy heart and body, start including avocado in your daily diet.

The avocados consist of 15% fat, 73% water, 8.5% carbs and 2% protein. If you have half an avocado, you are intaking almost 160 calories. When you compare this fruit with other fruits, avocado has less amount of sugar which also rules out the risks of diabetes. Avocados are also good to reduce the risk of cholesterol and even prevents you from arthritis.

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