In the meanwhile, you know the sugar is evil, and if you can it is usually clever to consume less sugar. Case in point: too much consumption increases the risk for diabetes, cardiac disease and obesity of type 2. Therefore, it’s a pretty big feat to cut back I know I attempted and rather failed) the regular American diet is full of tasty stuff

Although fructose is not entirely possible and a health move is not possible — fruit is safe for too much and contains sugar — it is still good to cut down on additional sugars (that is, sugar that is not normally found in the food). However, it is difficult to know when to start eating less sugar.

Here are some of the best tips how reduce sugar intake and learn how to survive with less of it.

Eat more often.

If you are ravenously hungry, you are more likely than wisely to choose your meals and snacks to easily gain energy, low-quality food. “These cravings are quick to fill yourselves with empty calories while you are not eating regularly”, “You can take precautions to miss food and avoid it, but when you are prey to food it’s bad for you.” Eat five meals a day, or three meals, each with its own nutritious snack.

Drink more water

Hydration is also an alternative way to alleviate appetite and candy cravings. Often we have a hunger thirst, so sipping on H2O all day will make your body understand better what fuel is really needed.

Instead of processed foods, eat fresh.

Processed foods are known to have incorporated (and other stories of) sugar (and sodium). “As far as possible, avoid the package,” Nandi said. Install things like sliced apple slices and yoghurt instead of consuming a packaged snack. When you consume whole foods and prepare them more at home, it’s better to skip packaged things and yet eat enough to be satiated.

Read Labels.

Read the labelling when you purchase processed foods. Check the list of ingredients to see if sugar has to be added as an ingredient. Although sugar and sugar are both sugar in the normal course of the day, it is not because we have so many things attached to it that we consume any more than we can (for instance: peanut butter and whole-grain bread).

Spice stuff up

Spices such as cinnamon, muscat and turmeric will give food a different and new taste to replace your sweetness. Nandi proposes to add cinnamon instead of sugar to the coffee.

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