I was looking for a perfect vanilla cake recipe I could use again and again. I did try several and never found one so beautiful to claim a place on my blog so far.

The preparation begins with the mixture of butter and sugar and then the eggs. When well mixed, the flour is added and the cream is then added. It’s easy to recall what makes it easy to produce this simple vanilla cake. And I’m sure you’ll find it’s the perfect forĀ how make vanilla cake

Why works this essential Vanilla Cake Recipe

The 1-2-3-4 process from the 19th century is used in this simple vanilla cake recital. The ratio of ingredients is an easy way to recall. One cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of meal and four eggs.

I have somewhat changed these amounts to create the texture that I desired. I used less sugar for half a cup and less flour for one fourth cup. This brought me a thinner, not too sweet cake.

Fine crumb and delicate cake texture are used for meal.

This cake uses basic pantry ingredients as described above. However, selecting premium ingredients is crucial for a delightful cake with the finest texture. Let’s get into depth about these ingredients.

Butter: The sugar is creamed to the perfectly with unsalted butter that is melted to room heat.

Sugar: White granulated sugar is the best thing.

Eggs: In my cake, I use four whole eggs.

Vanilla: aim to use high-quality vanilla. Okay, or you can make your own vanilla, I like Nielsen-Massey Bourbon pure vanilla Madagascar.

Meal: Red Mill Super Fine Cake Flour from Bob’s is the best and promises a decent texture to the cake.

Baked powder is used to increase the cake. Leavening:

Salt: Salt allows sugar to blend.

Milk: Whole milk works well, but butter milk still works best.

Gather the components and the oven preheat

Butter, eggs and milk at room temperature can be included. The ingredients in room temperature are more readily combined to give you an emulsified batter. Let on the counter the sugar, the eggs and the milk 1 hour before making the cake. Measure and ready-to-use all other components

Cream: cream. Together Butter and Sugar

To make it fully cream with sugars, the butter needs to be at room temperature. It is then so critical that it is 1 hour in advance.

A stand mixer with the paddle attachment can be used to blend butter and sugar. A soft and fuzzy texture you’re searching for

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